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2023-01-01 23:05:13 (UTC)

The Mystery Girl

I wasn’t going to do an entry today but then I decided, why not? Just don’t have much to update on. Starting off the year in a good headspace emotionally although I was a little worried earlier because I was kinda just there for a while.

My buddy Kim and I have been chatting about current stuff as well as reminiscing about old times.

I was using an A for Abby’s name, but then I decided, why not simply spell it out since I don’t think she reads me anywhere other than PB. And secondly, I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m not using her last name which I don’t know anyway, and I don’t even know that her first name really is her first name. Could be just a screen name for all I know.

She wished everybody a happy New Year and accepted private comments. Even though I knew I should have ignored her because of past interactions with her, I did wish her a happy New Year. She replied with some cute emojis. Then sure enough, she killed the account soon after. I wished everybody a happy New Year the next day, mostly because I wanted to see if she would return the comment from her newest account and she didn’t. She had a list of New Year’s resolutions, like booking a day at the spa for her 30th birthday, losing a few pounds to fit into a dress for a friend’s wedding, and to come out of her shell on PB.

I’ll admit that I am very curious about this person who has followed me religiously for several years now. Who is she? What is she like? What kinds of things does she like and dislike? What does she look like? So many questions I wonder about her as well as why she follows me. Does she really like what I have to say? Does she really read it all? Or does she just skim? So, yeah, the naturally curious part of myself wants to get to know this person, but my instincts say it’s best to stay away and that’s what I have to follow. Maybe I’ll be like her and she’ll soon share things about herself so I can learn and understand, and I’ll quietly read and be the silent observer she is with me without commenting.

She’s already shown signs of mental instability and I just don’t want problems with anybody. Not in person and not online. Going to Josh as she did was a real deal breaker, even though she did admit that wasn’t cool. Maybe deep down she really does have a good heart and good intentions, but just can’t help some of the things she does until it’s too late. But I also need to look out for myself. Anyone that can be in that much of a shell that they have to change accounts faster than they change clothes, that can’t even leave a comment, and that’s got to delete and recreate new accounts as soon as you leave any for her, has some serious, heavy-duty issues going on. I don’t know what happened to her or if she’s just naturally the way she is, but whatever it is, I shouldn’t get involved and I don’t want any part of it.

Unstable or not, she can’t be stupid. I’m not interested in the content of her writing (fanfiction), but the writing itself is pretty good. A little comma-happy but good. So that right there shows some kind of intelligence.