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2023-01-02 05:11:48 (UTC)

PMS drove me nuts this time

I was having a very bad day. To stay away from my thoughts, I went out again and it didn’t work.

I broke down in front of my mother because I was missing him so much. However I told her, I'm crying because of the unemployment thing. She said she would pray for me.

Then just a few minutes ago, I had my period. Here's a little confession: ever since I was on that trip, I have been bleeding heavily from my anus. I've been bleeding for a long time, it's been 5/6 months I think. But this is getting out of hands, it's getting worse. So I thought it was one of those days. Then I checked and apparently it's just period. I'm super happy because it's just my hormonal imbalance that made things worse. But I'm not doing worse. I'm alright.


Every freaking time I swear. I miss the months when I didn’t used to have periods.

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