Love, life and loss
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2023-01-01 01:19:49 (UTC)

2022 / 2023

2018 took Raz
2019 took Isla
2020-2021 were wiped out by shielding with covid for over a year
2022 took two of the most precious people in my life
2023 what are you going to take? Me or my health? Coz that's all I have left in life and even my health is on the edge and im still none the wiser

I'm trying to be positive and trying to make myself think 2023 will be a better year
But expecting happiness opens me up to disappointment so if I expect the worse then anything positive will be a nice surprise

Just me, my pupster and a house deposit

Where will it take us

2023 is the year me and my pupster decide where in the world we are going to live and work and where we can live a peaceful life anyway from everyone and everything. Family will forget I exist, friendships will fade away due to distance, then nobody gets hurt or disappointed when there is no one to get hurt

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