Diary of me
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2022-12-31 18:05:36 (UTC)


My hell, they are pathetic. One is depressed due to the fact that he began to thump and began to draw less and because of this he thumps even more, and the second enjoys the benefits of the decaying and the West, while crying that the West is a colonizer and the Nazis. Fuck, I even disdained to punch in the faces to such miserable and humiliated people who could not cope with their lives, not to mention doing something grandiose additionally. Strength is in actions and not in the verbal snot that you show to the public. Fuck bitch, I'll be mad all day again. Right in the morning. Fucking floorcloths. I hope they're fucking virgins because no woman or womanly man would let such poor peasants put their dick in them. I hope he's only with them because if he's really in their company then I swear it won't even be a betrayal and I'll just be disappointed in him and that's probably the worst thing that could be. He is still young, he is still studying and has not revealed his sexuality, and these are almost 30-year-old thumping scum, one is gopnyk and white trash straight from Eastern Europe and the second strive to become a typical Slavic moron.