Life of secrets
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2022-12-31 15:23:00 (UTC)


I bought a hamster today. Figured it might help with my mental health and give me something to focus on. It was all fun at the pet store. When I got him home, he escaped and I think both of us almost died from fear. Now he’s in his XL cage I bought him with all his fluffy bedding and he’s decided to sleep in the wood shavings, next to a lump of food specifically made to keep his teeth healthy. He won’t eat or drink yet, and I’m worried. This was meant to be relaxing. I’m a nervous wreck. How will I be with a baby ???

Something to think about, I guess.

The tap burst in the bathroom upstairs and after being on hold to the emergency out or hours line for our landlord, someone picked up but no one’s been in contact so we have no water in the bathroom. Kind of sucks. No one will want to come out today.

We are getting Chinese takeaway tonight and watching a film. The fireworks around here are so good, it’s like being at a show that I’d usually pay £30 for. Not bad for a shabby area. So we’ll be watching those again at midnight. And then going to bed.

Hope everyone has a lovely evening and hopefully next year is magical.