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2022-12-30 17:22:51 (UTC)


On the road headed for Tampa. It’s so nice to be back in the 70s the way it should be here in the winter. We got as high as 80 degrees today. It was so fucking cold last weekend! Got down to 28 degrees and was only 40 degrees at 2:00 in the afternoon.
The only good in the cold was that I slept better.

The abundance of snowstorms canceled tons of flights. Before we left for Tampa, the skies sounded like things were back to normal with planes every 5-10 minutes.

Yesterday we got a couple of cute electronic whiteboards. They’re geared toward kids since one has a pink frame and the other has a blue one. They also came with a couple of sheets of stickers, one with unicorns, the other with dinosaurs. Having no use for them, I immediately thought of Andy and sent them to him. He likes to decorate homemade cards with them

Anyway, the whiteboards are great for quickly jotting down times, dates, and things we want to do. I’m using mine now for journal notes so I can catch up on the way down and back.

I also got some large clips for sectioning my hair when dyeing it, and cedar blocks that were a complete waste of money. I put them in drawers and closets, but they don’t leave my clothes smelling of cedar. I can only smell the cedar if I hold the blocks to my nose.

A company in China sent a thing via postal mail promising a $25 Amazon GC in exchange for leaving a review on the wireless earbuds we got from them. So we’ll see if they’re for real or not soon enough.

The dill I planted is sprouting! It grows noticeably bigger each day. It’s so cool to see it pop up like that from tiny little seeds. I didn’t think I’d get anything to grow. I’m taking pics of it every day to see its day-by-day growth.

We’re about 20 minutes away, although I don’t expect the test to show anything bad. Just a little worried about the stuff that will be injected into me but at least I’ll be in a medical building.

I still have tummy issues at times, but not like it was in November. Been feeling better physically and emotionally but I’m sure that’s only because I’m on days and hypo again. Doubt I’m over 10 but doubt I’m under 6. Still can’t keep from wondering if something doesn’t want me to have a normal metabolism or if it really is just random chance. If it is by design, why? To keep me from losing weight? Well, whatever the case may be, I’ll never be in the normal range and feel good, therefore, I’ll never lose weight. My body just can’t handle being normal. It’s so fucking frustrating because there’s such a fine line between helpful and hurtful with this drug between the dosage and waiting time. If I only knew the exact dose and waiting time that would get me the lowest number I could stand!

Back a couple of hours later. The HIDA scan was easier than I thought. We got there 20 minutes early. The car went from having 48 miles to 8 miles in its range and this is with no AC. It was 66 degrees out at the time, so all we needed was the fan. We’re now sitting at the charger for a half hour and then it’s off to Red Lobster!

I almost wish I hadn’t put my blog addies in my paper journal cover. Would love to “lose” it in the clubhouse when it’s full and see if it was mentioned in the group. LOL.

Anyway, I was called in right away and Tom was with me. A woman stuck an IV connector in my arm and injected me with the radioactive stuff. Leaving the connector in, she had me wait in a smaller, inner waiting room.

It was freezing in there, so she gave me a blanket. I thought I was going to have to change into a gown but nope. A half-hour later, she came and got me and had me lay on a long, thin bed. She slid the bed down toward a tube-like thing. Then she lowered a large square plate over my stomach. It was almost a foot above it. Then she wheeled these long little trays with pillows up by my sides to rest my arms on. I could breathe normally but had to lay still for about 15 minutes. Then she injected me with a drug to make the gallbladder contract. She hung the bag with the solution on an ivy rod by the bed to slowly drip through. Luckily, I didn’t have any cramps or nausea. This took another 20 minutes.

Someone is now asking Tom about electric cars and chargers.

Back again. Red Lobster was SOOO good! First time we’ve been to one in about a decade or maybe more. I don’t think we went to one while we lived in Citrus Heights. I think our last time was actually when we were in Auburn. It wasn’t the madhouse every single one we went to in California and Arizona was either. The music was a little loud but that’s everywhere.

He’s not a fan of seafood, so he got a burger. I got a lobster tail with perfectly fried shrimp and fries that were just okay. My Caesar salad was delicious, but I didn’t want to eat too much of that or their cheddar biscuits so I would have enough room for my meal. Still ran out of room anyway, so have to take the rest home. Just the shrimp and leftover biscuit, not the fries. I hate old soggy fries.

Tom has been taking more naps lately because his aging bladder has been shorting his sleep, LOL. He can no longer go more than six hours without peeing. So when he gets too backed up, he naps more to make up for the lost sleep. No wonder old folks nap so much! I just miss being able to simply pee and be done with it. Instead, it takes so long when you’re older. They need to come up with a way to extend the bladder’s elasticity later in life.

His essential tremor has been worse too. He used to have good days and bad days, but now they’re all bad days. It hasn’t affected his daily functioning yet and I hope it never does. It’s just a pain in the ass when he’s doing something where he needs to have a steady hand. I’m guessing he may one day have to take medication for it.

Finished watching I Am a Stalker and now I’m watching I Am a Killer when I’m not watching movies.

Not remembering many dreams lately. Had one where we were living in an apartment on the first floor. I could hear a woman talking to someone at the door next to us. I could also hear footsteps overhead. Not knowing if the woman was going door to door and might knock on ours next, I went in search of a pair of shorts since Tom wasn’t home and all I had on was a T-shirt. I went through stuff but came up empty. We’d just moved in and our furniture had been bought from consignment shops. I got the impression from the dream that we didn’t have much money and he was working.

The toilet was in a corner of the bedroom and in full view with no wall or door around it. As I bent down to go through some clothes on the floor, I noticed two small drawers in the side of the toilet’s base. I pulled one out and found a large plastic bottle that I first thought contained pills. But then I wasn’t sure what it was and decided to leave that and the other items for when Tom returned.