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2022-12-30 19:03:42 (UTC)

Dhaka Rockfest & Art exhibition

I went to the Dhaka rockfest 3.0 two days ago. This time rockfest took place for two straight days. I didn't go to the first day, even though Karnival performed. Well I've already gone to the MIST Karnival concert, which was insanely good. Nothing will ever compare to that concert day.

This time concert started at 11 am. The only thing I didn't like is Aftermath couldn't perform Moho because of the shortage of time. I loved the whole concert apart from it. I went there really early and got to be on the front row. So I was basically living the life. Turns out it wasn't enough for me. They've put a railing to make separate spaces between the VIPs and the general people. I crossed the railing. The life over there was pretty good cause I was walking among the artists xD After awhile when concert started again, I got up on a crane that was used to hold a signboard up. So, I was chased from the crane, I got down and hid in the dark. After awhile, I found a path straight to the front space of the stage. And I ran towards to the stage while guards were busy harassing other people. I saw AvoidRafa and Aurthohin both while I was standing in front of the stage. So, that was something I will never forget. This was fun cause I took some interesting risks. 100/100 would do it again.

Later I understood is everyone saw that I was vibing from the crane. xD

The next day I went to Shilpakala. This was nice too. Was very experience based. I loved it. Although I liked 2020 one's better than this one.