Diary of me
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2022-12-30 12:20:50 (UTC)

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I watched a lot of science shows as a child. I guess I got it all from there. For me, unfortunately, any information is not background. For this I cry with terrible migraines and obsessions. So, in nature, everything is arranged quite simply. You need to find your opponent's weaknesses or threats and if you can't fight, then disguise yourself. But disguise is also a weapon. In general, the art of deception is the most magnificent. Focuses! Is it possible to call a magician a deceiver? When he pulls the rabbit out of the hat everyone is delighted, but they will be even more delighted when they find out about the double bottom mechanism in the hat's top hat. Yes, my sick father forced me to read historical and weapons reference books, but I liked to read more general encyclopedias about space or about magic tricks, about wildlife. I really loved the circus! My mother took me there, everything is like they show in cartoons, gymnasts, clowns, illusionists and a part with circus animals. I even wanted to work for a traveling circus for a while. I couldn't collect my thoughts, I have a migraine again today. Too bad none of my friends want to watch Helluva Boss, they would understand so much. Anyway! Choice is choice. Taste is taste. Bla-bla-bla...