2022-12-30 00:52:01 (UTC)


We are the carriers of multiple universes, which cohabitate and exist within us to keep us alive.
The planets we carry and the planets others carry interact in different ways, aligning us towards other people, and their morals and goals.
Yet I don't believe in astrology or any of that constellation bullshit.
I believe that we simplify the systems of our bodies that makes us up,
and we frequently ignore our basic needs to fulfill others. Artificial desires become integrated with realistic ones.
It is not a strange concept. We are primed to categorize and plan and simulate scenarios to keep us out of danger.
It is that variation of priming, together in a chaotic environment, which makes us learn a plethora of different values.
In other simplified words, "how we are raised."

I often believed that medicine was given to help those who needed it,
but sometimes I am genuinely appalled at what is prescribed for my family and friends sometimes to help their medical issues.
these medications some with some really serious adverse effects, which someone ideally would be educating them on.
but i'm not a pharmacist, or a pharmacologist. my license could get suspended for administering meds without doctor's orders.
but a prescription to pills, which often have to be taken for a long time, are not a magic bullet.
Some of them alter our balances,
Distort the planets and make them crash into one another.
Different medications have different effects on people that have not been strongly researched, and it is why not enough health care providers talk about the 'nnt' (number needed to treat). Everyone should know that medications have a NNT rating which essentially defines how many people had to take the medication in order for it to achieve its stated therapeutic effect.
So much of what we have is advertised to us and makes us believe it's the peak of happiness.
Yet we are left feeling shallow, empty, and poor when the things we purchase bring no real benefit.
I don't blame anyone. Although I do side-eye the media and their accountability in what we learn and consume.

Enough of the soapbox. I enjoy writing, but once again, my brain sputters out its creativity in waves.
It is significantly better than being prompted to write. I can get stoned all I want and freeze my thoughts into an entry.
Everyone here is writing history.