Evolving marriage
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2022-12-29 16:28:48 (UTC)

Im a 2

Dear Diary,
Im in such a good mood this am!

Since Christmas day, husband really has been nice and more thoughtful and kind, after me sharing some of my trauma with holidays in detail, I wrote about it and sat and read it to him.

And with chats with online friends and my gf by phone, just some little personal break thrus here and there for me mentally and processing things, the way I have been all my life, things that can change and they are okay, where I felt locked in.

Ive been emotionally, well internally dealing with some things over last few days, and just figuring out my place and I dont think I have all the answers yet, and that is okay, and I just get that stuff out, so I can process it. Im not one to be avoidant and keep things bottled up.

So I finally took that ennegram quiz thing people have done for yrs and I never did, and I like that stuff! But I got overwhelmed when I got the quizzes in the past they were too long. So a christian friend online sent me one and it was easier, and helped me with how to narrow down myself, gave me lots of feedback. So I did it!

Im an Enneagram 2.

And what little Ive read so far, Im like "Oh crap thats me" this meme sums it up "Me trying to ask someone for a favor : "Hey could you help me with this thing? Absolutely no pressure thought. Totally ok if you cant, if youd rather run me over with a car thats cool. Are you mad at me?"

ME; Sorry Im bother you

Lifeguard pulling me to shore "What?"

Yes, and it said something about how we feel like people only want us for the support we offer them, and that if we arent doing that, we are not wanted, oh so true!

I woke up early this am and was chatting online then husband woke up early it was still dark, so I went in to see him, read my Enneagram to him and he passed back out, but it said that we can be possessive, thats the one trait I didnt identify with as much and asked him if I seem that way,he said "NO Not really" and turned over his backside to me and said "But you can posses my ass"

LOL took me a min to get what the heck he was saying, and well, he got the backside snuggles

RATED R Portion below

I took my pants off, was just in panties and top, lifted my top, lifted his shirt and pressed my breasts against his back and massaged his ass, nice and seductive, up and down his thigh and back up his ass, then around the front, wiggling and grinding, he knew what was up!

He enjoyed a little and I amped up the wiggling,,, he finally turned over, took his clothes off and my panties said goodbye, and he ran his hand down between my legs. I wasnt wet fully until he explored a little, then things revved up. I got on my back, he was on his side facing me and my ass up against him, my legs over him and he entered me sideways, and it felt so good. He had one hand on my clit and the other on my nipple while thrusting into me and it was wonderful! Felt so good, and I let him know verbally how good he felt. We went at it for quite a bit, I came several times, lost count and he said how wet I was. I said he was doing it to me. But man all he had to do was go right back for that nipple pressure and damn I was a goner. I got the vibrator out and we amped up the pace more. And I was just shaking, my legs,, it was so fun but also relaxing laying on my back and not having to use my whole body, it was that sleepy type of fun sex in the dark in the early am. I grabbed his nipple and went a little crazy and he came, and we both laid there, panting, I giggled, I couldnt move, he eventually got up to clean up, I revved up the vibrator once more for a once final grand finale solo(took me seconds) and then I laughed, and laid there. Whew, He crawled back in bed and we slept about 15 more minutes and he rubbed and caressed the back of my shoulder, it felt so nice, tender.

When I went to clean up later, yes there was a lot, he didnt cum inside me but I was wet wet wet, and im in my pre ovulation phase which is when Im like that, its slick, wet, slippery

So, now Im up, its a good day. Start packing, its cold, supposed to rain today, all the rain is frozen this am, its icy, we leave tomm for Vegas for the night, then to the Ca Central Coast for a month and I will be by the ocean, in my happy place! He will work from home there.

So yeah, lets hope this is a good trip! I mean there is so much beauty for me to see there and things to do and my meetings and friends, cant wait!

Oh and the good fooddd!!!!! Mmmmm

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