Up All Night
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2022-12-28 01:50:16 (UTC)


Recieved antibiotics today after my general practitioner send in a order to the pharmacy. I have to take two a day until they are finished. I don't know what I have but I had to go to the bathroom often today. I was cooking dinner when suddenly I had to take a shit and I crapped on myself. I had to take a shower and get cleaned up with the water pressure low. Managed to get myself cleaned up and by then dinner had cooled off on the stove. I ate a little. Hoping my sweats and underwear come clean and I didn't ruin them. How gross. I know it's too much info, but that is just how sick I am. I even shit myself. My sinuses burn and my chest is congested. I ordered Chinese food the other day and could barely taste it. I'm isolated so I'll stay to myself until this is over.