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2022-12-27 20:57:05 (UTC)

Some thoughts

Things I would hide if I ever got a significant other:
-my grades
-any evidence of me being insecure
-anything too gross

Random weird thought I just had; I kinda wanna chew on my armpit hair rn.

Look bro you can’t judge me in my own diary, this is the age of shamelessness online and abysmal digital footprints <3

Also, contacted that discord persons just so I could thank them and whoever else worked to translate that chapter 18 of You Got Me, Sempai (corny ah name) cuz yeah. Hope I don’t forget I sent that friend request, if they even see it.

Came back to Edit this again bc I’ve just realized just how much of a horndog I’ve been the past few months and I’d just like to apologize to whoever has come across any of that stuff. With that being said, it won’t stop anytime soon 💗 but yeah. Ig I’m in one of those periods again.