Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-12-27 11:18:00 (UTC)

112 days!

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

Last night Mike came home from dinner with his co-workers, when he came to bed (I was wearing a teddy), he started laughing and said he knew he was a stud, but damn every night? It was late (and when I say late I'm talking 9pm, but Mike doesn't have a clue on what a quickie is, so there is no 'lets hurry up and do this' he likes to please, again and again and again) and we both have to work this morning, so I just cuddled him, then he was like 'don't supposed you want to go get me a piece of pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream do you? So we ended up eating pumpkin pie in bed before falling asleep.

He just came out into the living room, getting ready to leave for work, he said 'I gotta run, have a good day, I love you'. I said I love you too

So baby steps, we are talking and joking and laughing more, I think we will be alright. I want to ask him about New Year's Eve, but I am afraid he will not want to do anything with me, not that we do anyways. The last couple of years we have rang it in with Covid so cheers with our Night time cough medicine haha.

Speaking of baby steps, the whole goal of exercising, well I haven't actually did a full workout, but I am doing baby steps. Like parking further away, taking the long way to my office (from the bathroom) I don't know I am just being more active. When I listen to my music in the morning after Mike leaves I am standing and stretching to it so yeah, baby steps...but it's hard and I just went through so much in the last quarter of this year, so I am going to hold off until next quarter. Kind of a fresh start haha I am totally lying to myself. I don't know I will figure it out.

Like the other day instead of taking the elevator, I took the stairs up the 3 flights to my office. Only because I took the elevator down to get the mail and the stupid doors wouldn't open back up. So I am sure I cussed under my breath and waved my arms at the camera, then I started cracking up because I remember the stupid little sims characters you could make and they would always walk up to a picture and just stare at the art work and when they were pissed off they waved their arms at the screen (camera) haha I was a sims exactly.

Anyways, I am a total work in progress, but a 112 day norco free work in progress, so there's that