Slowly descending into madness
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2022-12-27 14:02:25 (UTC)

যাবো মেঘের দেশে

জানালার গরাদ বেয়ে
যখন নেমে আসে চাঁদ
অবাক সময় ঠাঁয় দাঁড়িয়ে
ফেরার আশায় আবার
তখন তুমি এসে, ডাকবে আমায়
যাবো মেঘের দেশে, দূর পাহারায়

Beautiful lyrics, isn't it? I had the luck to see the band live in the very coffeeshop I co-designed the marketing plan of. Not only that, I also talked to them. After a few days of watching them live, the band almost broke down. Funny incident, one band member tried to assault the other. Life is full of sudden incidents like these. If life was as predictable as I wanted it to be, it would have fucking boring.

I need to settle a bit and write about 9 days trip. But all I'm doing is roaming around. Today, a friend came to Bangladesh, so I went to meet the guy. Now I'm in dmd NE. Will have lunch with another friend. Then will visit another friend. Then another friend will come to my house to talk, dude's accidentally knocked up his 17 y/o gf, idiots.

I feel like I'm running from myself.
That's all for today.