Dream Scribe

2022-12-27 13:01:00 (UTC)


With his tongue
he drew an 'x' on the wall
above her sleeping head.
Her body formed a
snug foetal curve :
a human seed
swollen with a
dark exhaustion.
His eyes locked for one pure moment
on her face : a faint smile appeared.
Her prettiness dimmed
by constant tiredness.
His turn to smile
as he reached out to stroke her face.
Almost bent down to kiss her...
"I love you. You know that don't you?"
he quietly impressed.

Turn around,
walk away.
Close the door,
open your heart.
Trust a new day to find you ready.
to take the prize.
Hold onto this moment
that life has you in.
She will find you,
if you let her.
He hung his head and cried.
She breathed on,
and sighed once.
Never stirring.
Not knowing.
From her remote cloud
of pure, sweet sleep,
she saw him kneel
in fervent prayer ;
watched his soul
go searching.
His head bent over an object
she couldn't make out.
The cloud carried her further
away from him,
until he disappeared from view.
If only the answers were
that easy to understand,
would the dream appear
in a different set of colours?
Such lofty views gave her
Dream Vertigo.
So she jumped.
He would appear if
she fell hard.
Circumvent my soul
with the fire of your kiss
I'll take your beautiful hand
and be a friend
with this love, I thee commit
with this ring,
I thee wed forever
To this path, I bow my heart
and to your honour
I submit my life.
I will die for you
and I will live for you.
Where the net is cast
there shall Christ be also.
Where The Hurricane blows
there shall we find rest.
What my right hand grasps,
my left shall loosen.
In compassion I
accede my body to thee.
With love unfettered
I accept your fire, your soul, your kiss.

Kindness knows.
It has a nature all its own.