2022-12-26 19:18:05 (UTC)


tonometer. i learned the word for the nightmare machine that blows a puff of air into your eye.
totally uncalled for, so offensive every time. i never fail to flinch so hard i could probably get a concussion.
watching friends brings out mixed feelings, but muki enjoys it a lot. it can be funny sometimes.

florida is truly the sunshine state, though it's been chilly the last few days.
i have loved being in an airbnb again with my bebeh. he's been actively enjoying himself too,
but complaining about the loss of time, per usual, bewildered every time it's past 5pm.
i do like the building we're in, it's cozy but we have everything we need. and the local mart is a few minutes walking.

thankful for the good life in the present.