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2022-12-26 07:23:04 (UTC)

Right and Wrong

According to politicians, “Democrats say that Black, Latino, gay and Jewish people face prejudice while a majority of Republicans say discrimination is more often aimed at white people and Christians.”

Well, they’re both right…and wrong. Sorry, but I don’t see Black and Latino discrimination nearly as much as Jewish and gay discrimination. And yes, Whites in general don’t matter as much as Blacks and Latinos and are blamed for everything these days. We can’t have our White pageants, White history or White anything without being called racist. We also don’t have the same kinds of protections, and where sentences used to be harsher for Blacks and Latinos, now it’s the other way around. Do two wrongs really make a right?

In general, it still seems the top discriminated groups are gays and Jews. Blacks/Lats have been president, vice president, other forms of politicians, doctors, lawyers, cops, and all kinds of things just like everyone else. What opportunities are supposedly still denied them?

It’s sad that some people choose to ignore facts in the name of political correctness. Black/Latino discrimination is highly exaggerated and oftentimes brought on by their own actions. Treat people like shit, people aren’t gonna like you. It’s just that simple. So maybe they’ll remember this the next time they race-card someone unfairly simply because they pissed them off or get stuck on hypocrisy by bashing Jews. Maybe they’ll think before rioting and looting in the streets when they don’t get their way, and quit gang-banging on innocent people.

As for the Christians that feel they’re getting shit on…maybe if they weren’t so controlling and judgmental of others and stopped cramming their beliefs down other people’s throats, they too, wouldn’t have so many problems in life.