Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
2022-12-25 23:53:02 (UTC)

I was sad

I was sad, that doesn't mean I had a bad Christmas. I got together with my family, well except my sister and her family, but I will see her soon.

Mike came out from taking a nap and said he was sorry I cried all morning and that he tried to make this a good Christmas. I wasn't complaining at all or talking negative. I was simply stating I was sad, I was proud of myself for feeling it, I normally fight the tears, I allowed them and they were cleansing tears. I could have done a million different things today, I did exactly what I wanted to which was absolutely nothing.

He has tomorrow off so he gets to go shopping, I hate shopping but he did give me some gift cards so I will be getting some new clothes, he isn't the only one losing weight.
My daughter and I get paid this Friday so we plan on going shopping this weekend, can't wait.

right now I am watching It's a Wonderful Life, not sure how much longer I will be able to stay up

but just for the record....I am going to bed with a nightie/teddie on....just saying ;)

feel free to wake me up when you come to bed!

not sure if he will read this tonight but it's worth a shot, last night I went to bed I wanted to make an announcement 'hey it don't matter what I come to bed in, let me be very clear, I always repeat, I will always want to make love to you" but I was so fricking tired I fell asleep. So I am just putting this out there