Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-12-25 23:41:18 (UTC)

sent to me

Do you know that you light up every room you walk in?
Do you know how good you make people feel?
Do you know that your smile is like pure sunlight?
That your laugh vibrates straight into a person's bones and becomes the best part of their day?
Do you have any idea how radiant you are?
How you shine?
How you glow?
Do you know how much someone out there looks forward to the moment when they get to see you, when they get to experience just a little bit of your light?
You love fiercely
You give openly
You do so much for so many without ever asking for anything in return
And I know
I know you hide your pain so effortlessly.
That you pour your energy into making other people feel good so they'll never have to feel the way you've felt.
So they'll never feel so alone
And I hope you know - you are a gift
An unmatched, irreplaceable gift.
You are so incredibly important.
And the parts of you that you don't think are worthy of receiving love?
Your shadows
Your darkness
Your pain
The are
God, they so are
Every part of you is equally worthy: your darkness and your light.
All of you has value.
All of you is enough.
All of you is beautiful.

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