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2022-12-25 03:47:11 (UTC)

Dreams and Nightmares

If reading about dreams and nightmares isn’t your thing this entry will bore you to tears as not much is going on in real life other than that the honker is experiencing blizzards and has been without power for 12 hours. He is up in Canada too. We first thought he went to Texas where he seems to have relatives. I’m sorry he’s having a miserable time and regrets leaving Florida for 10 days not that we’re not freezing our asses off here even though we have no snow, but why did he and his buddy bother friending me if they’re not going to interact with me? I asked on a different post if he was in Canada and was never answered. Then someone asked the same thing on his latest post and he replied. Other than maybe reacting to one of my posts and peeking in on a few of my stories, I don’t hear from him. I haven’t even gotten that much from his friend.

I’ve always wondered if dreams that are reoccurring and seem at least mostly plausible could be glimpses into other dimensions or a sign of something to come while dreams that seem crazy and senseless are meaningless. I wonder if the nightmare I had could have been a glimpse into another dimension. We would never again get 10 or more acres of land, much less in a snowy climate. I’d stay right here in this community before I ever did that. But in this nightmare, we appeared to have more than 10 acres. It seemed like 20 to 40 acres and possibly in Oregon. I walked down into a basin-like section of the land and it was quite a walk, taking several minutes. You couldn’t see the house from where I was. I wore boots that came to the middle of my calves and a bright-colored ski jacket in red or pink. An old car sat parked in the basin and I wanted to get something from it. After I fumbled around with some things, I stood up and slowly looked around the land, thinking it was a pretty mild day for winter. Then about 300 feet away, up on the crest of a hill, I spotted a mountain lion leaping from right to left on a large rock. In an instant, I began running up the hill and back toward the house screaming, “Help! Help! Help!” even though I knew I was too far from the house for Tom to hear me, even if he could still hear well. I woke up at that point, so I don’t know if the mountain lion came after me or not.

Having this nightmare wake me up and then having to get up to pee has left me tired today. I got a lower sleep score of 81.

The rest of the dreams seem pretty meaningless. It was the year 2025, and we moved into a house that was just built that year. It was laid out a lot like our last one only it was much longer. For some reason, I was getting ready to sleep late that night out on a porch that extended straight out from the front door. Parallel to it was a strip of grass that was next door’s backyard. The porch had windows, but I had them open because the weather was nice. The place didn’t seem to be on the beach or by a lake of any kind. It was just a regular community. I glanced into next door’s yard and was dismayed to see a dog in a little doghouse. It glanced at me for a moment but didn’t bark. Knowing I wouldn’t sleep well out there, I went back inside the house and found Tom writing some programming notes on one of the walls of one of the bedrooms. I muttered something about going to sleep in the other bedroom even though I feared the dog would eventually wake me up. When I turned around with my back facing the room he was in, I could see the wall at the opposite end of the house and thought to myself, wow, that’s so far away.

I had a couple of dreams Arteaga was in. It seemed we were neighbors twice. I hoped she wouldn’t think we were following her as it was purely by chance that it happened. The first time seemed to be in houses and the other time was in an apartment building. She had a ground-floor apartment and we were up on the third floor. Also, in one of the dreams, she didn’t have two sons and a daughter but four daughters instead, one of which was in their 20s.