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2022-12-24 01:43:58 (UTC)


So Mike was supposed to take his guys out to dinner but that was cancelled due to the storm. I enjoyed a nice warm toasty day inside.

About 7pm I went to bed, maybe it was 7:30 I don't know it seems like midnight. Anyways. Mike said why you coming to bed so early? Why are you wearing that? I had on a nightie, he said you only wear that when you want something and you only go to bed early when you want something....come on man, I always want something. He said this is manipulation at its finest me coming to bed all sexy, at least I think he said that, I was floating.

Manipulation or not, it worked, oh God how it worked, again and again and again it worked ;)

So for me worrying about this being a sad Christmas it's not bad so far. Great presents from Mike last night, GREAT manipulations tonight. The next 2 days snowed in with him

Might just get a Christmas miracle yet