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2022-12-24 02:14:47 (UTC)

December 23

There’s a browser version of the card game that I translated and printed for myself. It’s subscription based, I subscribed for a month and I could play with all expansions (15 of them). It was good to try out all of the expansions, and it was so much fun, but I didn’t renew my subscription when it ended a few weeks ago, because I don’t want to spend much time with it. The game is more fun with the newer expansions, so I decided to print 6 more of my favorites, to expand the 4 I already have. I would by the game, but I mostly play it with family, and my father doesn’t know English, and there isn’t a version in my language. So I translate it, edit the translated text onto the cards and print them. I can do it all by myself, because that’s what I do anyway at work. I wanted to do it before Christmas, so we can play with it when the family gets together, but it’s a lot of work, and I haven’t started it in time. Today I started working on it, but I doubt I can finish in time. By the way, there’s also a newer Steam version of the game, which is buy-to-play, so I bought some of the expansions on that version, to support the game. It also has the potential to be a great game, so I might play it in the future, but right now it lacks the game modes that I would enjoy. They will add more game modes, but the development seems pretty slow. At least it looks good, the browser version is old and looks very outdated and ugly, but it’s functionally perfect.

In the evening I went over to Liam’s to play board games.