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2022-12-24 02:43:56 (UTC)

New year resolution: part 1

I was feeling sleepy and fast forward to a few minutes, I am feeling insomniac. I genuinely need rest as I worked a lot today. My brain suddenly feels very much productive, getting new ideas, thoughts... As if I have the responsibility of the whole world and I have to lead my citizens. Well, sweetheart, there is no "as if". You have not seen the future. Who knows, maybe one day you can hypnotise the world too! Anyway, girl, come to the ground. We were talking about the new year's resolution. But before that, let's talk about the previous year's resolution. I mean, 2022.
At the beginning of 2022, I planned to exercise daily. Did I do that? Well no. Why? The last couple of months were very hectic so I was not able to maintain any kind of workout plan.
Second thing was, to learn a new language. Again, a big no. Why? Same reason.
Third, be in a romantic relationship with someone. That time, I wrote it jokingly as I was single for a long time and ended up getting married. And this is the reason for my failure in the previous two. Do I regret it? NO.
Fourth, to invest more. Did I do that? YES. In return, I got profits after profits.
Okay, now I am very much sleepy. Good for me. Tomorrow, I will make a new year resolution for 2023. I can sense the smell of procrastination... But I am just a cute little human!