Never Broken
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2022-12-22 15:44:18 (UTC)

The walk…..

When I lived at my old flat, back in 2021 and the first half of 2022, it was my responsibility to walk the dogs 4 times daily. About 4.5 miles I walked in all. One of the things I hated was walking the dogs. I might have enjoyed it if not for the chronic pain. Every day, in all weathers, despite several illnesses and 3 concussions, it was my job to walk them. Through 2 bouts of Covid, we walked. I also may have hated it because of my German Shepherd’s temperament changes. Dog walking, especially with him was dangerous.

Wuppet, I wish you were here with me to take those walks I hated. Those night walks were my favourite. At one or two AM, when the world was asleep and I knew there was nothing around to trouble you, I could let you be free, sniff a little…. Those are the walks I miss the most.