Diary of me
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2022-12-22 08:35:11 (UTC)

I have fun

Attempts to understand Eastern European or Latin American culture by a person born in North America are as pathetic and touching as they cause deep respect. Do not misunderstand me. When a person tries to learn another culture, this causes the deepest respect. After all, you are trying to understand a completely different world, and especially when this world is honest, it may be older in cultural and historical terms, but much poorer in material terms.
But Latin America and Eastern Europe are always a soup of complex relationships, since these worlds have ceased to be empires quite recently. And very often you may have difficulty understanding "why, something works like this here?". The problem is that most representatives of nations are not able to describe or answer this question for you. You need to study the history of the country "preferably from several sources and sides" because, well, everyone likes to "slightly" embellish their history. Yes USA? Did Canada not burn down Washington DC in 1814?
Museums, small museums and rural museums will be able to give you answers, it is not enough to visit one central museum in the capital to understand a country, a place. But the worst way is to study the nation or country in terms of the empires in which they were, probably this is the biggest trouble of Eastern Europe. We had many empires and wars, and history turned into just a mess with huge white spots, huge archives, cultural and archaeological values are lost, stolen, destroyed, we can study at least half of the Middle Ages earlier only with the invention of the time machine. We have only ethnological, linguistic and etymological data left, that is, folk songs, words, fairy tales, traditions, and in history it is like divination on tarot cards and not an exact scientific study. Therefore, we in Eastern Europe do not like to attribute everything to history, and this is mainly done by the marginalized or the extreme right, who, the funniest thing, either read fiction or incompetent sources "like historians talking about Atlantis and the extraterrestrial origin of man" or, what happens more often didn't read anything at all.
Until you come to the university to the scientific department and there they don’t give you an archive with newspapers, sales receipts, personal diaries, you won’t know what the situation was in the country at that time. Since the Austro-Ugric empire, the Russian empire, the Lithuanian principality, the Soviet occupation, the German occupation destroyed or classified the main archives. I have been in such archives, it looks like huge safes and the storage conditions are often just disgusting, it is very humid there and the paper practically crumbles in the hands, all this is classified for decades and simply rots in huge piles of personal dossiers, reports and records, piled up on floor under the shelves. Already when I was instructed to translate newspapers from the Old Church Slavonic language in a small mining town in one of the provinces of the Russian Empire for 1910 to 1912, I received scanned copies in my hands. It only makes me laugh reading social media posts from history buffs. I am not a historian! Yes, I was connected with historical research to a small extent, but I'm definitely not a historian! My profile in history is, I can tell the years the building was built. And people dare to take upon themselves not only the title of a historian, but even the most real philosophical and historical truth! Are you completely fucked up there?
Study yes, but call yourself knowledgeable and able and give advice! Advice!
I have never seen more pathetic and narcissistic people. Okay, advice that, well, just life, or in a narrow area, but they touch on topics in which they don’t know anything. For them, the National Geographic History magazine is already just a treasure trove of knowledge and I doubt that they even buy it, even to read it while sitting on the toilet. There is no mysticism. They are just stupid, shamelessly stupid, and I've been messing with them for almost a year now. Yes, I am not in the scientific community, but I am a fighter against pseudo-history and pseudo-science, I am not in doctoral studies just because I had to go to another country, and they are just a bunch of rural alcoholics and white trash who studied history at best at school and in art cinema. Dude, if at the beginning of a movie there is a phrase "based on a true story" it's hahaha, not a historical movie.
I don’t even quarrel with them, I check their level and it’s just the bottom, it’s just useless to even communicate directly. They're getting more and more esoteric and it's just fucking awesome. I hope they will soon start talking about universal energy and chakras phahaha! They hang themselves with amulets from evil spirits and will stink of garlic, LMFAO. Damn, one of them is still a pity. If he had listened to me then, everything would have been different, but everything turned out as it turned out, at least I had fun.