Subtropical Lady

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2022-12-22 02:39:15 (UTC)

Does Something Not Want Me to Help Myself?

Had to stop the St John’s wort because it was having the same effect on my stomach as the B-complex did. Is it me? Or does something really, really not want me to help myself?

Most of the therapists I messaged don’t. I’ve reached out to TWELVE therapists and only two have gotten back to me, one of which has a waitlist. The other that does teletherapy only and is based in Miami had me fill out a dozen intake forms which took forever. Then the owner said she didn’t have anything available but that there were three other therapists available. So I told her which ones I’m most interested in and that I hope I don’t have to go through all the forms again. The idea is to conveniently be able to schedule appointments online. At least I haven’t had to play phone with these people. All our communications have been via text and email.

My docs said, wow, April is a long time to wait to get into the endo and suggested seeing about getting put on a waitlist. Not a good idea for someone with my sleep issues should they have a slot available when I’m not. Waiting lists don’t always mean you get in sooner anyway.

They also said to schedule the GYN appointment soon because they too will be booked up for weeks. It definitely does seem that the waiting time for specialists and therapists is absolutely ridiculous.

They asked if I was still taking the hydroxyzine and I said yes, as needed. I just have to take half a pill at a time, and sometimes it seems to help, and other times I’m not so sure. I thanked them for the Insight Timer app which I like and also told them I downloaded some mood trackers.

We got a couple more VR apps. Darts and bowling. These apps are a little complex and complicated, but still fun.