Evolving marriage
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2022-12-20 17:21:44 (UTC)

Just Thinking

Dear Diary,
Good morning, beautiful day and amazing sunset this am! Wow! It was incredible out our back windows. (I wrote this yesterday and didnt finish it but wanted to save it)

Ive been up since 6am.

Upstairs, at my work space, and digging out some posters I ordered yrs ago and havent had framed yet! Cmon now, get those done! Mostly for the vacation rental, and they are great posters with local things featured.

Husband has been cleaning up his office too for his new job, got some items out of there and upstairs in my workspace. Items I will use (printer, scale, typewriter table) Yes I have 2 old cool typewriters, I wanted it set up in my space so I can play on there now and then too!

Im listening to A Codepent CPTSD lady on youtube, really good video,, on the past, and future, the things you learn. Yes in 2 wks Ill be back at my home 12 step groups! Where I first got started and all the places and people I know. Havent seen them since last yr. My gf who I go for walks on the beach with also!

I have so much ahead! I know that month will fly by. Im going to my hometown, see friends, my son, get my haircut

Want to drive along the coast line Ventura, Santa Barbara, Solvang, Santa Ynex, Los Olivos, Santa Maria, Pismo, Morro Bay, Cayucos, Harmony, Cambria, San Simeon, Big Sur... Yes that is my thing, those are my places, that is my drive I love so much, all of that. I have so many memories of all of these places (Ventura, lots of thrift shopping, meeting my gf, Days with the kids on the shore, Santa Barbara, where I went often with my boys when young, lots of parades and 4th of July there, with Mom and the boys, roller skating on the bike path along the shore. Husband and I got engaged there and also got married there. Solvang, lots of days there, a vacation with the boys, eating out, the book store, hiking trail, Santa Ynez, wine tasting, a fantastic airbnb I stayed in 3 times and the family was so welcoming to me, she and her parents. Los Olivos, eating in town, watching music, wine tasting, driving to the gates of Neverland Ranch with the boys(Michael Jackson had lived here) Hiking trails, Santa Maria, where my ex was, where I went with him and brought me further up the coast to find all the places beyond. The Melodrama theatre,