Life of secrets
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2022-12-20 08:18:50 (UTC)


Anyone seen that “trend” on TikTok where you ask the time and date in your dream? I didn’t plan to do this and I don’t often realise I’m dreaming, however last night I dreamt of my grandad who passed a couple years ago. We were in his house and he was sat where he always sat. He was talking to someone who was sat on the opposite of him (they were blurred so I don’t know who they were) and I remember thinking, he’s dead- I need to sit close to him. I need to give him a hug. And so I moved closer and sat next to him. He was a little younger what he was when he died. He was talking but the words didn’t mean anything to me.

And then suddenly I realised I was dreaming and should ask the time and date. So I did. And at first I couldn’t get the words out - I think I was just afraid of what would happen. But then I did it and he told me “26th December” - he might have told me a year but I don’t remember. No time. That was it.

I wanted to talk to him more but he kept saying he had to go. He said they didn’t get a lot of time when visiting. He couldn’t stay for long. Although he left. But came back kind of quick so I don’t know… We didn’t talk again though.

Now I’ve got a lot of questions… what’s the 26th December?? Does it have meaning ? Or is it just the date that comes up because I’ve been thinking of Christmas? Although I don’t celebrate, so Christmas isn’t a huge deal to me. But we do see family… 26th December is my predicted ovulation date this cycle. Did he say the date because of that? Or because I’ve been thinking about it? Actually, I didn’t think of that date regarding my ovulation this cycle. I’ve just been telling myself that I’m fertile around Christmas. So I’m not sure about that. Could it be my babies birth date? Could it just be he will be around us on this date, because it’s when I’m seeing my side of the family?

So many questions!!