Diary of me
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2022-12-20 07:20:38 (UTC)


Sometimes I feel that the society I've been living in for the past four years has points of contact with my thinking and morals, but every time they start talking or writing, I come back to reality. I'm still haunted by that Volkswagen sale ad where the teenager's mother wrote that she was selling this car in order to send her child to college. That Volkswagen was just in perfect condition, as well as a few women from my last job. If they spoke my language, I would never have thought that they were from another part of the world, from a completely different culture, but these are all too rare exceptions. Basically, when communicating with them, I learned to abstract myself so as not to feel that blank wall and strange morality. It's not about the language, I studied English well, it's about people's minds, very often when they see a problem they completely insanely come up with the root cause of this problem. That is, for example, I asked why in a non-poor country, people so often look very untidy, in some kind of cast-offs stained with stains and untied laces, there is a minimum etiquette of outer clothing, clothes should be clean, smell good and not have holes. They tell me that this is freedom, listen, I don’t mind it, clothes can be absolutely anything, but the clothes themselves must be well-groomed, clean and ironed at best, especially if you go to visit. I'm asking you to wear a tuxedo or a ball gown, just something that doesn't look like a doormat. In a conversation, for example, you do not need to hide your real emotions, if you are talking about freedom, then be free in this part. If you don't like me or you don't want to communicate with me, just say it or you want to ask something (although no, North Americans generally don't ask anything adequate in a personal conversation, only prepared phrases in a dry performance). There is another thing, for example, you are colleagues at work, at work I can yell, spitting or be very strict and dry, as for example it helps to do my job efficiently but after work we can go to a bar and I will tell you daddy's jokes or invite you to visit for a cup of tea, but they behave both at work and in their free time. That is, for example, you yelled at me because of non-compliance with safety precautions and after work you will also be aggressive towards me. Yes, sometimes people get pissed, I understand, but if it's work-related and behind the doors you and I are just an ordinary person, then why save up this shit in yourself? After all, it often happens that people do not work at their favorite job, but simply because they need money. You don't have to love your job and think about work in your free time, this only applies to very specific professions related to science, security, construction, creativity. Oh, how could I forget about asking. Firstly, they often ask you to repeat something, not because you have an accent or you speak quietly, but because they don’t care about what you say. Yes, I'm talking about you, sir or madam "repeat please" go and fuck yourself with your repeat, listen carefully when someone speaks to you, do not fuck people with your "I did not hear" or "you have an accent." If it seems to you that we do not see it, then no, we see it and it is very annoying. There are only two languages ​​in which there is a strong accent and where the words are hard to understand, this is a Chinese accent and Hindi, you all understand the rest very well especially Canadians, you have a French-speaking population, you all understand, you just get fucked by lipricons in your ears every time a person speaks to you .