2022-12-19 19:09:25 (UTC)

Electricity Projects #7

Personal entry follows. This is part of a series of entries related to projects and reflections related to the snap-together electricity kit I bought for myself. I'm a 45-year-old guy who is curious about electricity, and this is part of my opportunity to learn more about it.

PROJECTS 40 - 45
- Projects 40 through 44 were about using the motor to activate the integrated circuits, very similar to the last batch of projects. Affixing connectors to different points on the integrated circuits resulted in different sounds and/or different combinations of sounds to play.

- Project 45 (pictured above) replaced the speaker with a LED, and used a photo resistor (a "light detector") to activate the integrated circuit. When the photo resistor was uncovered and light passed into it, the LED would flicker at a half-second interval. When the photo resistor was covered, the flickering of the LED was stopped.

The project instructions noted that this is the same kind of alert system that helps those who are hard of hearing, with lights connected to things like doorbells, telephones, and various appliances. This reminded me of a topic on the gardening discussion board I'm part of regarding assistive devices. By adding in an indicator light, even people with typical abilities can be notified in more than one method when something happens. They'll know their microwave popcorn is done, that the stove is still hot, that their anti-lock brake system in their car needs servicing, and so on.