Diary of me
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2022-12-19 10:04:34 (UTC)

War and jungle law

I hope you enjoy living in a crisis. You know, I was at the epicenter of the outbreak of the war in 2014. I was so scared that the tremor would not let me go for weeks. Over the past 20 years, people have become dumb. We have degraded so much that it is scary to imagine the scale of this tragedy. Then we expected that in 2014 they would help us, that the world would understand what Russia was doing. But the world has made its choice in favor of Russia. Everything that is happening right now is your fault. These are not damned liberals, this is not a world conspiracy, this is your hopeless stupidity. What infuriates me most is this look, as if you are looking into the eyes of a cow that is confused and is about to fall to the ground, lowing and opening its eyes wide in surprise. Why did my check at the grocery store get so big? Why can't we all join hands and sing about peace? Why are we getting worse? Because yesterday you did not know the name of my country, and today you already know the name of the village where I drank coffee on a business trip. Because you didn't care all this time. You've buried your head so deep in the sand that you already have a strap-on in your ass. And you pay for your stupidity and indifference. Can you imagine? You don't live on another planet. We are all here. I am the most angry. All these years we have tried to reach out to you. We told you that Russia is bad. It will go on and on. And now we are here. I'm used to being hungry and you? Even if you say everything, we don't help you anymore or we vote Republicans or conservatives and they will fix everything, my country cannot be stopped. This has gone too far. I'm not scared anymore, no one in Ukraine is scared anymore. We died in 2014, when the European Parliament and the UN ignored the resolutions, when you refused to comply with the nuclear disarmament treaty in Ukraine, promising to protect us. When we were blocked from selling long-range weapons and air defense systems. All the major democracies of the world then said clearly and distinctly that international law is the law of the jungle. And even now for you it's like a sport, you watch it and maintain an open connection with people who literally staged public executions in the streets. The military are the most disgusting creatures in this world, people associated with the army cause me the deepest disgust that a person can experience. The cult of weapons, the aesthetics of war, fake patriotism and ultra-right ideas, arrogance and cruelty. Enjoy, the show is just beginning, you will either die in the war mumbling and choking wet after an artillery strike, or you will be left penniless for your soul sitting down on heroin or a bottle. If millions of books, songs, movies, art, you stupid beast have not been taught anything, have not shown you the value of life, mercy, attention to others, then you deserve it. Art carries a message, one of the main messages is peace and empathy. All these crowds of artists tried to make sure that in your empty head, besides the skills to take off your pants before you start to shit and open your mouth before putting food in there, at least something was left. But not only is a through wind blowing there, but also post-irony has built a huge wall protecting your vacuum from any bright thought.