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2022-12-19 05:02:15 (UTC)

snoopy christmas cats and covid aftermath

there's a new event that's started on cats&soup, a bit of a random one - a snoopy christmas collab. snoopy! of all things. maybe it's still big in korea? idk. but there's a christmas slug and gingerbread cookies that you collect to use and buy crap and there's a christmassy claw machine and yeah. it's cute. i'm gonna try to collect 1500 gingerbreadmen so that i can buy a ticket to get the 'cherry blossom short hair' cat, a pink one, cause i really want it. i was so mad i didn't get it from the cat's gifts when it existed as a limited edition item on those. i have every other breed! it's honestly mostly about the completion rather than that specific breed, the looks of it or anything. i just can't stand the idea of not having something if it's a possibility. i'm a crazy cat lady, i know - who would've thought this was in the cards for me? it's just a game though, i don't think i'd ever get an actual cat. i don't think. i already have w, she's more of a cat than a dog tbh.

i'm going to paja today - it's the last time / 'graduation' of the peer leader training thingy. we're going out for lunch at a restaurant i quite enjoy, and then idk what's gonna happen after that. i think i'm okay to go, the trip to the pharmacy and CM went well enough and only the stuffiness is still here, there's not much of a cough or anything. i'll just take some pills so others won't freak out, i'm doing everything per the instructions anyway. i'm kinda afraid i'll oversleep though, as i've yet to sleep tonight, but we'll see. i think i'll take a shower around nine and then go from there. until then i'll probs watch tbbt and umm, write this entry? i should also change the sheets but i want to vacuum first and once again that did not happen until it was ten o'clock ie the hush time started. same goes with epilating my underarms, the epilator is loud as heck... maybe at around eight? on a monday that should be fine. and maybe before that i'll get some silent cleaning done. that'd be rad. dang i wish i had candy. and orange juice. and sushi. i really am a creature of habit after all, aren't i? too bad that doesn't manifest into daily routines of any kind.

at some point the weather forecast said it should be plus something celsius for a few days in the beginning of this week but now, thank britney, it's changed to only 3 and only on a wednesday afternoon, and other than that it's around zero or a few pegs on the minus side. it seems to be snowing for the entire week though, so rip my car and me who'll have to clean it. at least on the 23rd when i plan to go to my mum's. and maybe one another time, if me and m decide to execute our plan of having coffee outdoors some day after her work. i think i might suggest tuesday. there's short movies playing at the paja though, i'll have to check out the schedule. ohh and i believe i only have like 2,5 hours to sign up for the christmas gift at the party on the 22nd, dang it. one has to message s for that one - yikes. i don't know why they make me so nervous, it's absolutely ridiculous. (i did it, sent the message. yay me.)

okay. time to do something useful.

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