Diary of me
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2022-12-18 02:00:36 (UTC)

Day meah...

What I've noticed is that people in North America have almost no patience. Just zero. If he or she wants something, then it should be right now, and if not, then literally a childish tantrum begins, even if the person is already over fifty years old. And the Slavs are very patient, the most patient can put red-hot rods in the ass, gradually increasing patience Serbs-Poles-Ukrainians-Belarusians-Russians. Russians are the most miserable sufferers, damn it, I have no idea what the hell they were depicted as fierce or persistent all the time, they just endure all the shit and humiliation that is generally possible. There must be a balance, it seems to me that sometimes you can endure, but you don’t need to endure too much either.