no name
2022-12-17 23:57:42 (UTC)


GIVING MYSELF 4 FRWAKING YEARS!!! If I don’t glow up by then I’m simply ending it all. Okay yes I know I have to put in effort to but can we just start tomorrow?? Like.

Okay so it’s like this
All you gotta do is
Shower daily wash and routine your face daily wear smellgoods daily and exercise daily actually wear your glasses🙄
Thanks to the good ole sœur cancelling out on me, I’ll have to do that on my own. So I’m thinking that I’ll ask for weights for Christmas.
I need posters, weights, and a new bookbag. Yep.
So anyway. If I get those it’d be better but other than that I can cover cardio by jisy jogging->walking around the neighborhood, as a warmup or as a finisher? Finisher. Workout inside by doing sets of whatever.
I’ll find a list. So that would cover exercise.
But then there’s meals. I’m terrible at food.
I hate eating lunch at school so I simply don’t. I can eat after and I don’t think it’s make much of a difference. Just eat a small breakfast. Eat a big lunch. Eat a normal dinner sometime later. That’s it. And drink water.
I really gotta work on those two specifically. Like rn I’m currently drinking tea 😪

Lemme stop gawking over pretty tiktok ppl and stalk their pages to see if they have skincare routines, something productive 📈📈💯😇