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2022-12-18 01:45:06 (UTC)

Last night I dreamt that there ..

Last night I dreamt that there is a guy. The moment he saw me he started behaving in such a way as if I am a gem. He was so happy that he took me home. His family was overjoyed to see me. Then there was a lot of food. We were talking about biryani. I was like, I will cook for you. But when I started cooking preparation, I saw there is no biryani rice in his home. I told him about it. Then he left home. I thought he went to buy some rice. Even after so long he was not coming so I asked his sister where he is. She said, "Are you crazy? My brother will never go to buy groceries." I asked her to call him as I don't have his number. She called him. He said, "I am in the beauty parlour for grooming up with my friends." I took her phone and told him, "Did not you go to buy rice?"
He: No? Why would I buy rice?
I: Well, at least I thought that you went to buy it. Buy it and come home and help me to do stuff.
He: Seriously?
I: Yes, otherwise I will cry.
He: No, I am coming wait.
He came back and with him, his friends also came. Everyone was surprised to see him like that. As he never listens to anyone. I was like, do this or that. He was following instructions and asking his friends to help me as well.
The dream was peaceful, I was feeling loved and nurtured. But that didn't continue as my phone started to ring. My father-in-law called me to complain about his son. It's been a long time since my husband is procrastinating to do a few works. And now his father has given up on him.
When I asked my husband he said, "One day I will be doing don't worry."
I was like, "You will be doing it on Monday."
He said, "Okay, I promise."

I am still amazed by the dream and related reality. Sometimes I guess we all see some sort of true related dream.