Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-12-17 16:38:44 (UTC)

Hook up

He seriously got me everything I asked for ymmy lazy fun day. Well they didn't have fun dip but I got nerds. He loves me I know he shows me a million ways a day. Ugh

I just am so mentally confused. He said, the other day, he is stuck now because instead of moving out he paid bills here, I thought him paying bills here meant he wanted to stay not him being stuck, am I that bad of a wife??

I fucked up big time. I was 100% faithful to him since day 1 only lying about norco use, which I get is huge. But I have so many good things about me and he is just focused on the bad things

I need more patient, but whenever I ask God for patience he gives me a test to practice it...ugh I am so tired of tests

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