Diary of me
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2022-12-17 10:04:52 (UTC)


Quite an interesting concept. Today I remembered the military. Many people think that the military are tough guys with guns that seem to protect you.
This is probably the worst misconception people make. I don’t know if this is a company advertising service in the army or people are arranged that way on their own. We often see different reactions like "a soldier reacts to a video game or a movie".
Soldiers are a herd of people turned into animals, from which everything human was pulled out. They do not feel sorry for anyone, no matter who you are, no matter what you were doing at that moment, if a military man is next to you, you will either be humiliated or destroyed. The worst thing is that these people go out into society. If others are lucky, it will quietly thump in a bar and once a week meet with their colleagues until it becomes so old that it ceases to pose a threat to others, but most often the military after service, and especially after the war, are engaged in beating their relatives, children, join the ultra-right organizations or gangs.
There is no point in asking them for mercy, repentance, correction. The feeling that these "people" experience is comparable to BDSM, when they humiliate, beat or kill someone, it brings them a feeling comparable to sex, and when they are humiliated, they imagine themselves as Jesus enduring hardships in the name of a higher goal and strengthening their spirit. Sometimes they end their miserable life by suicide, they still have echoes of humanity in their heads that shout to them hoarsely that it is no longer a person, it cannot experience ordinary emotions and feel compassion like other people. That they only brings evil to people. The issue of integrating such "people" into society is not at some important stage even in the most developed and wealthy countries. Ordinary people believe that this should be done, psychologists and therapies are needed to return the unfortunate poore Johnny to society, so that he does not fuck his children and at one fine moment does not shoot a dozen immigrants in a cafe with a bandage with a swastika, but people don’t want for it pay, and psychologists don't give a shit about these animals, from which miles or kilometers smell like urine, sweat, gunpowder and blood. Psychologists already know what kind of person they are and no matter how professional they are, no one can return the "soul" to these "people". Psychologists can only teach these animals not to shit in their pants and not to beat the cashman in 7/11 if they thought what he looked at him the wrong way. To train them for something more, normal people do not have the human will and patience.
The worst situation is when the military starts to come into contact with ordinary people. For example, during a war or a state of emergency. Such a fighter can beat to death some housewife who left the house at an unfortunate moment with the butt of his rifle. Will the soldier be punished for this? And what do you think? Does they feel shame for doing that? No. They don't. The army has collateral damage counters, and not only lost toothbrushes or broken boxes, there are also civilian dead counters. If he did not exceed the norm, then no.
So what to do with them? It is clear that one cannot simply close the army as an institution, as well as the border troops or special services. You can minimize their interaction with society. Or at least with you. I don't give a damn about the military, I don't have any respect for them, but I have an open disgust for these creatures. If it so happens that I get into the same room with him or I have to work with them or have dinner at a party, I always keep quiet and ignore them. Usually they, like any other animal, quickly lose interest in non-living objects, and I retain my personal calmness and dignity. As a person who caused the war as a civilian, and seeing and personally experiencing the behavior and attitude of soldiers towards the civilian population, this is the softest and most loyal attitude towards these animals that a person can afford.
If your father or mother was in the army and especially if he or she was in the war. Run. If your stupid mother or father hasn't divorced him or her yet, run. You deserve a different home, different parents. Persuade your mother or father for a divorce. What came back to your house is not your dad or your mom. This is a strange, absolutely cruel monster, without a drop of pity. He will start to humiliate you or beat you, he will start drinking, and he or she will want to turn you into his own kind. It's like a zombie virus. At first it will be encyclopedias and toys of military equipment, models, then real weapons, then he will start projecting his instructor from the army onto you, then beatings for the fact that you cannot do something at the age of 11, and then they begin to destroy you as a person, removing out of you a sense of compassion, pity and the right to be weak. This is not your parent anymore, he does not want you well, he does not want to teach you how to fish, he wants to make you like himself, because in his head he is still in the army, he is still at war and he has no partners, therefore in order to survive he needs to create a partner in arms from you. This is the terrible nature of a person devoid of human feelings.