Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-12-17 04:06:13 (UTC)


So when he walked in he did tell me I looked good so that was nice. He also took a couple of photos with me, begrudgingly. He said he didn't want to take pictures because he doesn't want them posted on fb. Ok so that to me means there is someone he doesn't want to see us together on fb. Now for some reason I am suddenly jealous, I am just learning to control my brain and let me tell you she is a BITCH.

On the drive there, it was about 40 minutes of silence. Seriously it was taking me everything I had in me not to cry. Are we that lost we can't even have conversation in the car? At one point I could feel him look over at me and check me out then he grabbed my hand and held it for a few minutes. So there went my heart all flippy floppy head over heels in love again with him

When we first walked in I wasn't sure what to expect or really how to act but right before we made our entrance he grabbed my hand and we entered as a couple. So now I am fifty shades of a fucked up mess....ugh

The party was nice, I love his employers, they have been nothing but good to us over the years. But apparently there were too many bloody Mary's or too much food so no manipulating tonight :(

But I'm gonna tell you he looked hot as fuck that's for damn sure. I will always remember how hot he looked so we can manipulate another day.

He just text me to open my diary so he has something to read at night. I said no as I don't want to stress him out. He said only the parts that arent true stress him out. I asked him whats not true and no response yet.

So I guess we are staying private for now

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