Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-12-16 20:57:29 (UTC)

Don't want to go

I really don't want to go. I am dressed and ready so I will go. But he can be such a dick. He isn't my fucking father he doesn't get to order me around then get pissed when I don't do exactly as he says.

Today he pissed me off so I just text fuck you. He text back no thank you

You know what mother fucker how about I take this choice out of your fucking hands. I don't think me having to walk on egg shells now that I fucked up is going to help me at all. Isn't that how I got stuck on norco in the first place?

Fuck I'm going but he better not be an asshole I'm not in the mood today at all

I stress him out with my diary posts wtf so I told him I made it private now he thinks I am free to bash him wtf??? Well now I am haha only because he suggested it. Fuck him. I never wish anything bad on him ever but apparently he thinks I am that type of person

Example he locked his keys in his room he was like go ahead and laugh because I know you think it's funny I fucked myself. No not me at all. I was frustrated for him

He says we always got each other, guess we really didn't.

I will see how tonight goes but as of right now I am 100% over all this bullshit. You either want me or you don't. I'm too old to play this hang on and wait game. We either are together or not. This is bullshit and I know my mind changes 1000 times but right now I am done