no name
2022-12-16 01:00:23 (UTC)

content creator crush rant

i hate watching this mans content because he is SO FREAKING HOT it pisses me off. Like. SO PRETTY. And yet he's an old mf. Well not really but well older than me. HES JUST soooo
and im jealous too. i wanna look like that. but im getting ahead of myself.
i just needed to express just how much that was distracting me.
that's all. not to sound unhinged...
anyway. watch hasanabi. i'm so close to painting my nails just to copy him.

soemtimes i get worried though because i cant tell if im laughing at those jokes because i think the person themself is attractive or because the joke was funny but. i have to remind myself. i wouldn't laugh AT ALL if the joke really wasn't funny. maybe appearance factors into it a little but theres no reason for me to fake laugh.
dont wanna be shallow but i certainly wont stop myself from simply thinking somebody is cute.


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