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2022-12-15 17:35:31 (UTC)

Christmas Lights and Thunderstorms

Finally got caught up on sleep, although it wasn’t without some disturbances. The last couple of days, I was both exhausted and in such a blah mood. Trying to make a point of taking my gummies when I feel that way. The worst they do is make me drowsy and that’s a doable side effect. They don’t make me drowsy in the way lorazepam did. I’m still able to function. After a few good days, I’m continuing to have a mix of anxiety and depression but I knew this spell wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. Unfortunately, they’re not short-lived when I fall into one. I don’t expect to start feeling better until sometime next year. I’m hoping for a month from now, actually.

We walked around a little bit last night looking at all the Christmas lights. Today, we had a huge thunderstorm. Of course, it had to wait until I crashed to get started. When I first got woke up, I thought it was a car door that slammed really hard. Then I thought it was the motorcycle. Then I thought it was the garbage truck. Then I realized what it really was.

So I got up at just after 10, took my meds and realized I was way too tired to stay up. So I went back to bed. A glimpse out the kitchen window showed that it was really coming down hard. You could barely see across the street, let alone off in the distance.

I got back into bed and turned on the fan and air cleaner and ran nature sounds on volume 3. No portable sound machine at this point, figuring the honker wasn’t about to take the motorcycle out in this shit. When I got up a few hours later, Tom said that he did run the motorcycle for about 30 seconds and even revved it a bit to dry the motor before covering it. Never heard a thing.

OMG, now Alexa’s being a pest with book warnings! There was a section in my book where this psycho kills a dog, and she had to interrupt the story by warning me that it may be disturbing to some readers, so feel free to jump to the next chapter if you’d like.

As opposed to the killing of a human being?

As expected, my Cologuard test came back negative. I’ll do it again in 3 years. Hard to believe I’ll be 60 then! They even wished me happy holidays and reminded me that they’re there for me 24/7. LOL, gotta love these guys.

As fruitless as it will no doubt be, I made one last-ditch attempt to try to get Tampa Airport to shift their 100 daily planes a bit.