The Dairy Of Oblivion
2022-12-15 20:48:08 (UTC)


Goddamn. Ive just realized how much of a bitch I’ve been over the past few days? weeks? I think I already lost track of time. But I know I was always the problem, not n. not his shitty behaviour but me. I was the traitor in my own life, I was constant hurting myself by overthinking and believing in my darkest fears and thoughts oh god how could Ive been so stupid. I probably lowered my own mental health by obsessively analyzing every fucking situation in my life that might mean what he thinks about me etc, at least I know now that I have to try for the person I love not only behave like a fucking slut and expect everybody to fall to my knees. Goddamn I’m so stupid why I’m such a delusional whore why I can’t appreciate what I’ve got it’s so pitiful omg. I’ll change I promise