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2022-12-15 21:36:42 (UTC)

On my birthday when I got back ..

On my birthday when I got back home, I saw my husband has decorated the home very nicely with lots of flowers and candles. He not only baked a cake but also cooked the entire dinner. I was amazed. What else can a human want? A loving husband and lots of food. More than enough. I felt very special.

Today, in the evening I was sitting beside the lake and looking at the water. It was very peaceful.

Throughout the day, I worked a lot. The part I love about myself is that I can get back to the schedule very quickly. Well, it is not the only thing I love about myself. But for the time being, I am appreciating this quality of mine.

One thing I have no idea why people texts just "Hi!" My phone is overflowing with hi and hi. What am I supposed to reply to a hi? Just tell me what you want to say directly. That's it.

My body ache has reduced. But I am feeling weak and tired. Last night I was not able to sleep properly.

Winter is here fully. I hate winter. Now I want to talk about why I hate it but on second thought if I hate something why I should waste my time on that thing? See, I became intelligent. It is time to feel proud.

Suffering from a little bit of hair fall. I love my hair. I am taking care of it but it is sad. However, they say, if you love someone truly let him/her go. So I am calm. I know my love is true and intense. My hair will never find a better scalp than mine. They will grow back and our story will have a happy ending.

I am very excited about the new year. I don't know why I feel it will be magical. I can't wait for 2023!