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Starting over
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2022-12-15 11:30:53 (UTC)

Cancelling plan A

And what I mean by that is I'm just not going to put all this pressure on myself trying to win him back in a night. It's probably not going to happen anyways. For God's sake the man needs time Michele.

He is still here though so that's a good sign, I mean he could have left this week he had money but he paid the bills here so there is hope, just no need to rush it.

So I'm just going to dress up, show up and have a Hella good time. Mike is going to be looking hot as fuck! No manipulating the past couple nights, I won't be able to resist manipulating the fuck out of him Friday I'm sure. He can drink and cut loose and have a blast.

My dad has now been released to walk up and down the stairs to his basement, only 2 weeks after double bypass but he can't carry anything yet so I'm stopping over this morning on my way to work to bring their laundry up. So I need to get the day started. Tomorrow is the party, I'm full of excitement, not anxieties