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Starting over
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2022-12-15 10:06:48 (UTC)

100 days

Triple digits!!! 100 days norco free

I honestly feel great. It amazes me that it's only been 100 days, feels like another lifetime ago. Wish I would have been Journaling then just to see the difference emotionally and mentally.

It just seems so weird to me that 100 days ago my brain was doing whatever the fuck it had to do to keep that pill coming or I would simply just die, not being dramatic that's actually how I really felt. That little fucking pill fucked my brain up.

Makes me wonder what that part of my brain is doing now, haven't heard anything at all in 100 days from that part. Did it just die? Or is it pissed off sulking in a dark corner of my brain planning revenge for me shutting it down?

100 days, a day to celebrate for sure