barefoot & barely lifelike
2022-12-12 02:49:34 (UTC)

third time's the charm?

soooo i got covid again. and this time even the home test caught it - now i have one with two stripes, "yay". i think i'm gonna keep it, haha. maybe i'll stick it to a wall? now that it's past midnight, it's also my mum's birthday today. and two days after my sister's, and ten before my own. one more year until the big thirty! i better get a crisis cooking... just so i won't be too late with it. one's gotta have a 30's crisis, right? and i bet it takes at least a year to cook up a good enough one. i mean most of my best crisis' i've been cooking up for *several* years.

the headache is a bitch. it started on saturday at the baby shower - first my stomach was feeling weird, then the headache struck and by the time we were driving back, i felt feverish as hell. and sure thing, it was 38'C plus and hasn't gone down, even with all the panadol i've taken. and i've been on it like clockwork. but luckily m is gonna get me some ibuxin today; i hope the mix will help. on top of the fever and the headache and the stomach issues there's also the dry cough, all the mucus (eww) and every single one of my muscles hurting, so yeah, it's a real hoot. hopefully i'll avoid the long covid this time, cause that one... that one was the real bitch. talking about bitches - ok that's a bit of an overstep, but f never made it here. as predicted. it was a whole weird thing too, idk what i should think about it. n's sister-in-laws and mother-in-law and me and m all tipped in so that f could buy her train tickets. i think she got a total of 140 euros, cause at first she said the trains were 60 euros each way. she ended up buying tickets that only came to a 80 something total though - i think i'm the only one who knows this, and that's why i'm also the only one who's feeling uneasy about it all. i mean yes, sure, everyone pitched in with a 20 - except for m with a 40 - and that's not that big of a sum, and they all wanted to give that in order of n getting to see f after a long time. sure it would be kinda difficult trying to figure out what to pay back and to who, but still. she only spent a bit more than half of the money she got on the tickets, and then suddenly she was "sick" and couldn't come. i have a feeling she was never gonna come - i kinda feel bad for it buuut then again i find it a bit too weird that on friday she said she didn't have enough money to change the dates of both of her tickets, only one. and that's 5 euros a piece. so somehow she had spent all the money she'd gotten, in like a day, supposedly being sick at home. idk, something about it just... stinks. although, it's none of my business really, i guess. i wouldn't mind getting my money back at some point though, as my financial situation is actually super crappy at the moment - i should've never pitched in in the first place, tbh. anyway, moving on.

the baby shower went well. i was a bit bombarded with all the religious hoo haa by n's mum, but it wasn't all that bad and other than that she was an amazing host. there was salad and cakes (the preggo belly shaped cakes were just as horrendously creepy as i thought they were gonna be, though) and everything, and she was so excited about everything. the diaper cake (another ridiculous, although nicely useful, concept) was the cutest one i've ever seen and the card and baby trivia thingies were really cute as well. at first it was kinda awkward when everyone got together, but it got better. i won the kahoot, lmao - and got stuck with chocolates i'll never eat. i guess i can gift them away tho, even if they are those disgusting angel ones. n seemed to have fun, the gifts they got were nice and all, so i guess it was a success. i was supposed to go to L's L's graduation party after the shower, and i tried to get a hold of L the entire day to ask whether or not there was parking space and how long they were gonna keep celebrating, but she never got back to me. eventually it all lead to a catastrophe. we had a full-blown snow storm and i was feverish and tired. we left the baby shower sometime after six and i had to come home first to walk w, after that we had to clean the car again and i went to the store to get some flowers. i almost lost my mind trying to wrap the bouquet - which reminds me, i gotta write feedback to the store about them having the shittiest wrapping station known to man god damn it - and then i took m home. i tried to find my way to L's party but google maps did me no favors and at that point i was way too high on fever and way too tired and grumpy and mad at L (senior) to even try ... and then it turned out they had all left and the party had ended like over an hour ago. no one just bothered to inform me. k was cool but everyone else sucked. i figured i didn't wanna move on sunday so i took the flowers to their home door and when i left i saw L and p walking hand in hand - so, i think they were, once again & surprise surprise having a crisis and that's why the rest of the world had ceased to exist for them. still doesn't explain why L didn't answer me for the entire day though. i think i need a bit of a break from her actually.

i gotta admit, considering everything, i'm glad f ended up not coming. and i'm glad i still did some cleaning on thursday (with m's help!), it's been that much easier being home after that. there's still a buuuunch to do though, but i mean. at least it's something. it's gotten a tad out of hand during me being sick, but it shouldn't take too much effort to fix again. if i'm ever not sick again, that is. currently that doesn't seem very plausible, but we shall see. i'm looking forward to not having a head full of snot.