Up All Night
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2022-12-15 02:06:34 (UTC)


My IV nurse didn't come over today until after 3. I waited to eat today ... All I had in the morning was a few bites of a bagel and a pickle. By 4 I was really hungry. I opened a can of ravioli up after my nurse left and ate that with some bread, then later had some shrimp and stuffing. I feel bloated. I need to buy myself salad stuff and fresh vegetables. Should've done that instead of going to the pantry. I wanted to see what the pantry was like.

The rest of the stuff I ordered came today. Five pairs of fleece jogging pants. They will be great for winter.

I started sorting my pile of laundry. I should never have let it go for so long.

Recieved a Christmas card from my brother and his wife. Glad they thought of sending one to me this year.

I didn't bother with a Christmas tree this year either. There isn't any place to put one anyway and I don't want to store the boxes. I only have two closets and no other storage.

I've been drinking Coke Zero all day. I drank almost all of the 12 pack I bought this morning.

I'm thinking about what to write here.