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2022-12-14 12:00:35 (UTC)

Sleepy days

The last couple of days were very hectic for me. I didn't sleep properly. I didn't have time to eat properly. I have multiple plans. But honestly, I am not doing anything. I got my period and since yesterday I am just sleeping and sleeping. I am giving myself sympathy by saying, "Sleeping is also important. It boosts memory. You are just in a process of becoming the next Einstein." I mean, yeah, somewhat relaxing. Unfortunately, I am sleeping so much that I am skipping my meals. Therefore, a proper schedule is needed.
My phone is overflowing with texts. I don't have the energy to reply to them. It is not like I don't want to reply. It is just a lot that I don't know where to start. Life was less confusing when there was no cell phone I guess.
It is nearly 13:00 and I am still in my bed. Anyway, let's wake up and do something productive.