Evolving marriage
2022-12-14 05:37:55 (UTC)

Dont Bother

Dear Diary,
Im sad and in the bed upstairs

Have been trying so hard to stress some importance of working on other areas of our relationship, other then sex. We have that covered, we are good there, buts its the rest, and wow its so hard to talk to him about emotions, self discovery, looking at ones inner self and making changes, hes so triggered, defensive, so bent on being right, Ego, and then the sex thing hes all over threads regularly and ordering toys... I mean dude, lay off already put your focus on what your wife is telling you, plain as day

Feeling very alone tonight, that feeling when you feel utterly so far away from your spouse, when they sound so cold. Yes we attempted a convo tonight, and well it went poorly and I had to get up and say I couldnt have this convo and he rebutted with "Good, dont bother"