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2022-12-13 21:17:14 (UTC)

Bordering on Crohn's and Diabetes

So I'm borderline on Crohn's and borderline diabetic. The result of my calprotectin test shows I'm in the upper borderline range as far as having Crohn's or colitis goes, and when I woke up and tested my blood sugar, I was 125, the highest I've known myself to be upon waking up. So I'm stepping up my step count. I can prevent myself from becoming diabetic, but I don't know if I can prevent myself from getting "Crohned" in the future.

It will be a week before I get the Cologuard results but I’m not worried about that. Docs suggested I keep the HIDA appointment. Figures. I just hope I can make this one on the 30th, but worst-case scenario we reschedule and get an appointment in New Port Richey.

I decided that for next year, I’ll mark the calendar whenever I feel off emotionally in any way or any physical symptoms that are connected to it such as when I feel adrenaline in my chest. I’m not going to bother to mark if it’s borderline, if it’s very noticeable, or whether or not it’s anxiety versus depression. If I don’t feel right in the head, I’ll mark it. That way I can get a more precise total throughout the year of just how many days it is and whether or not it’s improving, worsening, or holding steady. I’d say that yes, 2022 was the best year so far. I had roughly 60 to 70 days where I didn’t feel the greatest emotionally. That’s still a bit much but better than more than half the year. Damn, I just miss my old self!

I looked back in my 2014 journal and found that by late June, after being raised from 50 micrograms to 75 micrograms in May, I was starting to get wound up. By July 9th, it all blew up in my face. But I had no problems physically or emotionally before this so I wonder, would I have had it all along if it was medication making me feel bad emotionally? Or was 50 micrograms simply too low to feel those effects? When Ostrander dropped me to 50 micrograms when we were doing the liothyronine experiment, I didn’t notice any relief, but these things do take time too. It takes time for the shit to build up in the system and it takes time to get better when it builds up too much. As I said in my last entry, sooner or later, I’ll have my answer as far as how much changing hormones could be involved. Right now, I don’t feel too bad. I don’t feel great, but certainly nothing worth marking on the calendar.

Along with a money jar spell to help with his programming endeavor, I made myself a happiness jar spell. I asked Tom if witchcraft could be simply wishful thinking borne of desperation like the God fantasy but then he pointed out that witchcraft has been around for a long time as well as the concept of prayer so that usually means there’s something about it. Prayer never worked for me and the few times it seemed to could have been a coincidence. It just didn’t work often enough for me to say for sure that there was a connection, so hopefully things will be different with the jar spells. As a new witch of this kind, I don’t want to do too much too fast. So I’ll see how this does before I decide whether or not to create additional jar spells for creativity and things like that.

They say we should take a moment to be grateful for what we have (or luckily don’t) and I’m definitely grateful that Steve isn’t our neighbor! Damn, he and his buddies are loud. I went out into the lanai to eavesdrop, being the nosy, curious person I am, to see if I could make out what they were saying. They were so loud that I could make out a few words. They were talking about politics. I heard words like Trump, Democrats, FBI, and protests.

Poor Karen! That’s the bipolar woman living next to them. The part of the driveway in which they gather is between their place and hers. If I had those loudmouths right outside our place, especially the bedroom, I would be so fucking pissed! I wonder if Toni finds an annoying since she’s closer.

I can’t wait to move someday, drop my blog link on the group, and let them have fun reading about themselves, haha.

Again, I’m glad the honker got a quieter motorcycle now that he’s gone from riding 2-3 times a month to 2-3 times a week. Yeah, he went out again today for about 5 hours. He still cuts the motor before he gets to the house and coasts into the driveway. The recycling and garbage trucks coming tomorrow and the next day are what I’m most worried about.

The AC inspector came today and everything looks good. I’m glad he came after I got up because he was banging around back there, and he sprayed the blower with some kind of cleaner that smelled a bit.

We really shouldn’t run the AC on the way down to Tampa so we don’t run out of charge. It’s going to be the first time I’ll wish it was like it is in most places…too cold for the AC in the car in December.

In my little pink sleeveless sundress, I just checked the weather for every state I ever lived in except Arizona. LMAO!

I should have registered my phone number on the Do Not Call list much sooner because it’s really slowed down the number of sales calls I’ve been getting.

Andy said I didn’t have to discuss it with him if I didn’t want to, but he’s so fed up with his sister-in-law Jenny. He didn’t get into the details and I didn’t ask, but I guess part of his problem with her is that she bad-mouthed him to others and didn’t stick to the subject at hand, which I’m guessing has to do with the fact that she doesn’t like that he’s a Trump supporter and is probably anti-gay as well.

I told him that I live by a motto I wish I had adopted since the day I turned 18 and that’s to treat everyone the same. Most of us wouldn’t put up with abusive friends or lovers, so why should we put up with mean, degrading, toxic family members? Biology should never be a ticket, reason, or excuse to be an asshole. I kick you out of my life if you’re trouble and I don’t take you back if I’ve had a problem with you in the past.

He wasn’t going to go to the family holiday get-together because he’s so pissed at her. But then he later decided he’s not going to let her ruin things for him, so he’s going to go and will just ignore her.

Speaking of Trump, I am so sick of seeing that fucker’s face everywhere I go online. This has got to be the most talked about former president ever. It was annoying enough when everything was Obama, Obama, Obama, and he wasn’t a bad guy. But when you hear about a sick twist a million times more often, it gets old very fast.

We’re kind of changing the way we get our groceries delivered. Instead of doing larger orders less often, we’re going to do smaller orders every few days. It’s going to take some getting used to but it will be better because fruits and vegetables tend to go bad before frozen and canned things do. This way I only get what I need for the next few days, and not stuff I won’t need for a while.

Tom’s playing around with one of the coloring apps now. I found it so fun and addicting that I paid the $7.00 to get rid of ads and get unlimited hints.